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We have 1 full-time position open,
Please send all resumes to

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Job Description:

Addinex is an innovative early-stage company with a patented technology to tackle the opioid epidemic and other misused medications. We recently raised a seed round anchored by the leading social-impact angel group in the country to finance the commercialization of our system. We have identified our first customer and have targeted sales to begin in the Fall 2021. As the lead software engineer, you will become an integral member of our company and hold a key position on our leadership team. The main role of the Senior Software Engineer is to work closely with the Co-Founder / Chief Technology Officer and team to upgrade, develop, conceptualize and innovate the existing back-end system, API and its integration with iOs, Android, React and text-based services. The individual will start updating the physician’s (MVP) front-end web portal after the server-side logic is complete. The individual must have a solid understanding of all tech stacks involved in the creation of our product, which may involve learning and performing software development outside of their comfort zone, especially in the early stages of the company. The individual would be responsible for being part of the interview process for hiring future developers, including team members in different global regions. This position is designed to eventually lead to a promotion to Head of Software Development. We have working prototypes already in use by patients, so you will not be starting from scratch. Your focus will be on extending, improving, and innovating the software. Please note that our hardware system does not have a software integration, so no firmware development is required.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Assist CTO in determining company hiring requirements & interviewing software developers, possibly from overseas

  • Conceptualize, design, and develop a Node, Express, Mongo API

  • Update and develop the physicians web portal (React/Redux/Next.js) for monitoring devices and patients

  • Understand the product of the company and guide a team of developers to insure successful integration with all the front-ends

  • Learn HIPPA and privacy requirements and regulations as they relate to patient interactions with our system and assess the current infrastructure for HIPPA regulatory. You will be supported by a HIPAA consulting firm

  • Eventually, work with CTO and cyber-security consultant to test the product for any security flaws prior to launch



  • Minimum 3 years with the following experience:

  • Node JS, Express, Mongo (or equivalent) server development

  • Developing REST APIs

  • Handling containerization in Docker/Kubernetes or equivalent for continuous development

  • AWS, Azure, GCP cloud-native architecture. Our product is not request heavy, so just compute engine or equivalent is our target release

  • React Development

  • Preferable but not required:

  • Typescript

  • Next.js, Firebase, some text-based services. You will need to get familiar with Next.js, and some push-notification systems.

  • Medical Application Experience, HIPPA and Privacy


Individual Qualities:

  • The individual must be able to communicate clearly in English, both verbally and in writing. The CTO speaks fluent English and Russian, so Russian speaking may be acceptable

  • Must be able to attend and host meetings in the Eastern Time Zone.

  • A strong foundation in Computer Science

  • Prior experience working within a digital production environment on varied projects

  • An inclination for seeking out best practices (inside and outside of work) and sharing learned knowledge with the team when appropriate

  • Openness to having their code critiqued and to providing critiques to others

  • An ability to say, “I don’t know”, and finding the answer

  • Not a “yes” person. We need someone who can provide improvements, and innovation, and argue for their solutions if they have better implementations

  • Code samples (github, files, gdrive links) should include Node.js/React samples. Have proof of previous work, references and descriptions of work performed at other companies/projects


Perks and Compensation:

  • 4 Day Work Week effective after an initial milestone related to server development and conditional on individual’s performance (after ~2-5 months)

  • Remote work as long as your internet connection has strong, consistent access

  • If based in New York metro area, office space may be provided post-Covid, although at-home work will remain available

  • Competitive Salary/Equity

  • Food/Lunch Stipend

  • Health Care or Stipend

  • Paid federal holidays and vacation

  • Ability to impact lives


Please send all relative materials to

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