Our Solution

Addinex has developed a low-cost, patented opioid dispensing system to prevent addiction and overdose via password-protected dosage access, real-time patient education, excess pill destruction, and data feedback on actual usage patterns. Like the proven efficacy of seatbelts in cars and helmets for motorcyclists, our device adds a level of protection for users of a useful, but potentially dangerous product.

  • Controlled Dispensing

    • Password-Protected Dosing

      Each dose requires a unique passcode that matches only the patient with the device. Passcodes are only released to the actual user and on the prescription's schedule.

    • Lock-Out Feature

      The ADX device does not allow a patient to access the next pill until the minimum time interval has passed based on the prescription. For example, one pill 2-4 times per day allows one pill every six hours.

    • Easy to Use App

      All passcodes must be requested through our digital database via our mobile app, web app, text, or call-in service (coming soon). The request process is quick and easy.

    • Low-Cost

      The ADX device has no electronics making it very cost effective. All of the patient specific features of the system are accessed via the related App or other methods.

  • Patient Education

    • How to Use Drug

      Provides advice on proper usage including with or without food or water, best time of day to take, proper storage, etc.

    • Side Effects

      Side effects and contraindications to other drugs will be highlighted to allow patients to monitor their health and alert their doctor if required.

    • Risks

      Patients will be educated on the dangers of prolonged opioid use, especially as their usage time extends beyond a few days.

    • Alternatives

      Patients will be asked to enter their pain levels in the app before each passcode is released. Once pain levels drop to a manageable level, users will be prompted to consider less risky pain medications.

  • Medication Destruction

    • Easy Disposal System

      Current disposal options are complicated or inconvenient. ADX devices come with an easy to use prepaid return mailer in which the device is placed and then dropped in the mailbox.

    • Risk Reduction

      Return of ADX device and excess pills eliminates risk of illicit use by teens, nannies, neighbors, or anyone else who has access to your pill bottles. Also keeps patients from taking drugs in the future without doctor monitoring.

    • Environmental Benefits

      Unlike other pill bottles, ADX devices can be returned, sterilized, and re-used to keep more plastic out of landfills. This also keeps costs down.

    • Tampering Penalties

      Tampering with the device or failure to return it will result in the patient's name being entered into a database accessible to doctors, putting their ability to be prescribed opioids in the future at risk.

  • Data Collection

    • Anonymous

      No personally identifiable information is collected. All data is anonymous and will meet all HIPAA standards.

    • Pain Level Monitoring

      Time and user pain levels are collected upon every dosage request. This information coupled with an optional physical characteristics questionnaire (e.g., age, weight, height, etc.) allow for personalized patient feedback on their usage and recovery.

    • Data Usage

      Doctors will be able to use data collected from prior patients to determine appropriate prescribing levels which will lower overprescribing and lead to huge cost and life savings.

    • Risky User Database

      Any patient who tampers with the device or fails to return it will be listed in a database that allows doctors to determine whether such patient is abusing the drug.


Our patented device and integrated system offer the following unique benefits to patients, doctors, insurance companies, pharmacies, and society.

  • Insurance

    • Addiction Cost Savings

      According to the U.S. Council of Economic Advisers, private insurers spend over $65 billion annually on opioid addiction. Greater control over initial opioid usage and elimination of access to excess drugs will result in significant savings to the bottom line.

    • Reimbursement Savings

      Doctors write 300 million opioid prescriptions totaling 14 billion pills annually. Since our data can help doctors avoid rampant over-prescribing, insurance companies can save billions of dollars from lower prescribing levels.

  • Doctors

    • Better Prescribing

      Data collected from millions of users can provide doctors with a clear picture of appropriate prescribing levels based on multiple variables, including age, height, weight, gender, etc.

    • Monitoring Assistance

      Our App interacts with patients multiple times a day to educate them on proper usage and risks. The App can also suggest that patients seek lower risk drugs as their pain subsides and can raise the warning level as usage exceeds the time frame when the risk of chronic use accelerates.

  • Government

    • Medical Costs

      According to the U.S. Council of Economic Advisers, Medicare, Medicaid, and CHAMPVA (insurance for veterans) spend $10.9 billion and state and local governments spend $3.2 billion annually on the opioid epidemic.

    • Criminal Justice Costs

      The criminal justice systems spends $9.8 billion annually on the opioid epidemic, including $4.1 billion on imprisoned addicts, $3.6 billion on police protection, $1.6 billion on the court system, and $0.4 billion on other related costs.

  • Distributors

    • Risk Avoidance

      Within the past year, at least 25 states, cities and counties have filed civil cases against manufacturers, distributors, and large drugstore chains. Use of the ADX system would reduce the likelihood of patients getting addicted and protect these businesses from blame for not limiting patient usage.

    • Pill Destruction Assistance

      Many patients who want to voluntarily return pills for destruction bring them to their pharmacies. Most pharmacies are not equipped to collect controlled substances and aren't paid for such service. The ADX system includes an easy to use mailer to make pill destruction a simple task, bypassing the pharmacy.

  • Society

    • Fatality Costs

      According to the U.S. Council of Economic Advisers, the over 40,000 annual deaths from opioids results in $432 million of lost lifetime family savings which doesn't even include the emotional cost to family and friends.

    • Lost Productivity

      71% of employers feel the direct impact of prescription drug misuse in the workplace. Companies lose $26 billion per year on lost productivity from the opioid epidemic.

How it Works

Step 1 - See Your Doctor

For patients who are prescribed opioids for post-surgical pain, your doctor or insurance company may recommend or require the use of the ADX system to manage your at-home opioid use.

Step 2 - Pharmacist

The pharmacist will fill your prescription using the ADX device and provide you with both the device and a pre-paid return mailer.

Step 3 - ADX App

Simply enter the ADX device ID and personal ID to gain access to your unique device passcode. Answer a few simple anonymous questions to help Addinex provide you with personalized feedback on usage and pain monitoring.

Step 4 - Dispense your Pills

Enter the unique passcode obtained from the app for each dose, but no more often than the doctor prescribed. Repeat until pain subsides.

Step 5 - Get Educated

Addinex will provide you with valuable information (e.g., possible side-effects, addiction statistics, etc.) each time you take a dose. We'll monitor your pain levels and suggest consideration of over-the-counter medications as the pain subsides. We'll also warn you when you've been taking more pills than is typical for similar patients.

Step 6 - Return the Device

Once your pain subsides, it's time to return the device. To avoid the risk of access to pills by unauthorized users and to keep yourself safe from using the pills in the future without a doctor's oversight, we require that the ADX device be returned in our easy-to-use pre-paid mailer which can be deposited into any mailbox. Addinex will alert doctors if patients fail to return the device which could compromise access to future prescriptions.